Attain the actionable transportation reporting insights you need to excel

Business intelligence reporting for clarity and opportunity

MercuryGate’s industry-leading reporting capabilities deliver the actionable information needed to clearly guide logistics operations for efficiency and value. No more settling for time-consuming data extractions and difficult-to-manage spreadsheets. MercuryGate’s business intelligence reporting includes built-in integrated market rate index and memory database, and it can process extremely high data volumes faster than competitors. As a result, get the reports needed to make better decisions for both your team and your organization.

Whether you’re analyzing current performance or rapidly running “what-if” scenarios, MercuryGate’s reporting gives you access and control over the data you need to succeed. With decades of real-world experience in freight transportation, our data structures, data integration, and reports are uniquely designed to support your business objectives.

TMS Planning & Forecasting

Real-Time integral reporting engine

The integral report writer permits real-time reporting against all of the major transportation management system (TMS) objects. Create reports on-demand and add them to a schedule for distribution. Leverage reports configured to industry best practices or create a virtually unlimited array of customized reports most relevant to your needs. Easily generate and share reports in a variety of formats throughout your organization and supply chain network to boost collaboration and communication.

Reports can include:

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Volume Analysis
Filter by mode, carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer.
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Performance Analysis
View metrics by carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer.
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Improvement Analysis
Trend analysis for service and costs, including anomalies and failures.
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Financial Analysis
Break down freight costs by customer, lane, mode, and carrier, as well as operational costs and savings for a particular period of time.

High Value Reporting That Is Easily Accessed​

Even complex reports are presented in clear, easy-to-understand formats. This allows less experienced team members as well as more senior staff to access the information they need to make more effective, proactive choices. The ready availability of reporting helps nurture your culture of data-based decision-making.

Learn how MercuryGate reporting can inform and enhance your decision making