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Carriers Leverage MercuryGate To Automate Excellence​

Purpose-built architecture developed in concert with leading transportation experts gives carriers the feature-rich functionality and ease of use needed to excel. As one of the only SaaS-based (software-as-a-service) tools to manage fleet utilization, driver availability, and compliance, MercuryGate allows carriers to drive risk mitigation, high standards of service, and an unmatched level of return on investment. With backhauling and other demand visibility tools, carriers can truly maximize efficiencies throughout their operation.
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Our Industry Expertise:

  • Food & Beverage – Empowering food distribution companies to deliver on time and within compliance.
  • Pharma – Turning the complexity of pharma transport into a competitive advantage.
  • Retail – Enabling retailers to add visibility and collaboration capabilities into their supply chain.
  • Manufacturing – Achieve better operational decision making through our business intelligence.
  • Wholesale Distribution – Respond to marketplace shifts with real-time data and the ability to optimize on the fly.

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Putting manual settlement on ice

One of the largest providers of temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation in North America is a dedicated MercuryGate user. This carrier must manage complexity at many levels and they need the transporation management system (TMS) power and flexibility to do so efficiently.

To keep costs down, the carrier consolidates shipments from multiple customers. But each of their customers have distinct handling and storage agreements with them. The sheer number of variables made their settlement process extremely time consuming and prone to error when done manually. But to automate it, they needed a TMS that had the capabilities and flexibility to support to their business model.

With the priority of streamlining their settlement procedures, the carrier turned to MercuryGate. MercuryGate freight settlement enables the carrier to allocate at a greater level of granularity than ever before. Beyond just a SKU-level allocation process, the carrier can now account for each individual customer’s fee structure by per piece, order weight, or other criteria.

As a result, the carrier’s accounting processes have been significantly simplified, while at the same time providing their customers with a more accurate settlement. This has fundamentally enhanced how they do business. With MercuryGate, the carrier accounting team settles accounts far more rapidly. And they do so at a higher level of satisfaction to both the company and its customers.

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