Preparing for the Future of Drone Deliveries

Drone Innovation Promises Big Benefits

While drone delivery was once considered a futuristic ideal, its practical application is approaching rapidly. The MercuryGate TMS enables easy integration of drone deliveries in the last mile with its extended capabilities. Look to the future with a TMS solution that blends drones into the carrier network with proper licensing, to help packages take flight from anywhere.

Staying Ahead of Regulatory Curves

Part of the challenge of drone delivery comes from the limiting regulation surrounding it. MercuryGate is actively pursuing all licensing requirements and keeping abreast of ongoing developments. MercuryGate Final Mile already facilitates drone delivery in limited areas where legally permitted. So, it is poised for the technology to go mainstream. We have leveraged technology to bring drones into final mile delivery, including dynamic rerouting based on autonomous protocols.

Invest in a TMS that can handle the future. Seek out solutions that are forward-looking and capable of handling drone delivery wherever legally available.

Drone Delivery Prepared For Launch

Are Drones And Their Operators Licensed?
Drone deliveries require certification and differing licenses for operators depending on location, including FAA clearance and local regulations.
What About Adding Orders?
Drones are limited only by their power supply and payload, allowing for stops to pick up additional packages and make more final deliveries, whether from a central truck in an urban area or otherwise.
Can Drones Return Canceled Orders?

Yes, drones will have the capability to return with a full shipment when a cancellation or other exception occurs.

Can Drones Accommodate Dynamic Rerouting?
Dynamic rerouting is essential, especially as drones become more commonplace in the industry.

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