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Dynamic Rerouting Improves Delivery in Real Time

Dynamic Rerouting means "Always-on" Optimization

Delivery conditions in the final mile are constantly changing. Without a transportation management solution that can adapt and flex in real time, things like traffic delays, loading issues, cancellations, appointment changes, and returns can become major problems when it comes to meeting customer delivery expectations.

Dynamic rerouting assesses current routes and optimizes future stops to avoid wasted time and resources. Changes are made autonomously and communicated to both drivers and consumers – so everyone is in sync with the latest information and can plan accordingly.


Find Fleet Success In The Last Mile

The last mile delivery is only as effective as the routes that guide it. Every driver wants to get more done in less time. They need dynamic rerouting to account for any number of exceptions and issues. This capability inside MercuryGate Final Mile delivers increased visibility and continuous optimization that keeps miles at a minimum, avoids unnecessary stops, and makes the best use of available assets.

Spend Less Time Delivering More

Better Time Management

Account for pickup and receiving delays automatically as the system continuously adjusts delivery windows based on the latest information.

Better Communication

Notify drivers and customers in real time when a route change occurs.

Better Use Of Resources

Reduce the time spent manually dispatching loads. Find cost savings by reducing miles and fuel consumption in your fleet.

Better Service
Simultaneously optimize routes across all modes to ensure on-time, in-full deliveries. Meet and exceed delivery expectations with clear, consistent communication between dispatch, drivers, and customers.

Stay Ready for Whatever the Day Brings with MercuryGate Dynamic Rerouting