Making the Final Mile Top Priority

Final Mile is the ONLY Mile for Consumers

Transportation professionals know that every mile matters. But to consumers, the final mile is the only one that counts. It defines their perceptions of your service and brand because it’s the only mile they see.

So why settle for a TMS that lacks industry-leading final mile capabilities? The impacts of final mile delivery gone wrong reach far beyond service failures into your bottom line and impression of your brand.

optimize across EVERY mile in your supply chain

First Mile
Set up every shipment for success with expertly planned and managed first-mile service.
Middle Mile
Make the most of efficiencies gained in the consistent, often-repetitive, middle mile.
Last Mile
Last mile delivery leaves a lasting impression – deliver a customer experience that is memorable.

Taking It to the Street

It is no secret that the final mile incurs the greatest costs and complexities in transportation management. It accounts for a massive 41% of the overall logistics cost according to Capgemini. Too often, the last mile is the least visible as well. This leaves customers wondering, complicates returns, and causes time and resource waste.

With MercuryGate Final Mile, optimization isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing, automated process that occurs continuously throughout delivery.

This dynamic optimization based on real-time information gives you the agility to proactively avoid delays and waste, respond to evolving customer needs, and seize savings opportunities.

Customers Leveraging Last Mile Optimization
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Last Mile Freight Under Management
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Parcel Transportation Managed

Make Your Exception Management Exceptional

Automated alerts

Increase accountability and improve awareness with alerts triggered by real-time events.

Dynamic rerouting
React quickly to changing conditions with dynamic rerouting and optimization across every mode.
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Data sharing

Collaborate and keep everyone in the loop with the MercuryGate TMS as the single source of truth for your transportation data.

Electronic documentation
Generate, collect, and share electronic documents such as POD and BOL to speed transaction processing and delivery.
Autonomous logistics
Use machine learning and robotic process automation to seamlessly improve all phases of delivery – first, middle, and last mile – to unlock efficiencies and control cost.

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