Service Excellence from the First Mile Forward

A Starting Point for Success

The MercuryGate TMS supports every mile of the shipment journey. And no phase is more critical than the first mile.

Whether the first mile is an outbound delivery to a customer or an inbound return, starting off right with optimized delivery is crucial. It sets the stage for middle mile and last mile activities.

Full Visibility from the Beginning

The higher complexities of pickups and deliveries in first mile mean that increased visibility is an absolute must-have. Shippers need to know that their carriers or couriers will be able to follow changing patterns through the fulfillment cycle of an order. That’s why we enable superior visibility into your entire supply chain, including the first and last mile.

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Added Value from First Mile Optimization

React faster
Quickly accommodate new orders to stay competitive and deliver on the increasing expectations of customers.
Track shipments
Use visibility tools to track shipments across all modes and all phases of delivery to provide consistent customer and carrier updates.
Avoid waste
Continuously optimize routes to maximize driver hours of service (HOS), reduce empty miles, and increase load execution.
Manage electronic documents

Provide drivers and customers with the tools needed to accept, sign for, or complete pickups and deliveries without manual paperwork.

Optimize routes
Avoid costly delivery delays due to traffic conditions, weather, and last-minute schedule changes.
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Increase collaboration
Centralize all shipment data in one system of record (TMS) available to all vendors to coordinate appointments, provide updates, and standardize processes across multiple stakeholders.

Deliver Maximum Efficiency in the First Mile