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Global Parcel Management at Your Fingertips

Part and Parcel of Our Platform

Parcel management isn’t just an add-on for us, or an afterthought addressed by an external resource. It’s native to our platform. This empowers you to optimize parcel freight and support multi-carriers domestically and internationally. From parcel carrier booking, label generation and zone-skipping optimization, to load build optimization for volume discounts and incentives, we enable you to excel at parcel like never before.

The rapid expansion of e-commerce has made native parcel capabilities a top TMS priority. With flexible configuration and control of vendor access, let your operators easily manage, optimize, and track parcel network performance. The enhanced use of data also enables dynamic rerouting to ensure efficiency and a better customer experience. With our industry-leading last mile capabilities, the MercuryGate TMS sets a new level of excellence for parcel management and delivery.

Meet Consumer Expectations by Prioritizing Parcel

Parcel deliveries come with high customer expectations. At the same time, limited capacity in the market has created a new demand for affordable parcel tracking and delivery. As well, integrations with same-day services may require courier service. Our data-driven, decision-making, and autonomous logistics capabilities are more critical than ever. From changes to routes to accommodation of new orders without advanced notice, MercuryGate TMS is uniquely equipped to provide parcel agility and responsiveness. It’s all part of how we advance your transportation management.

Does Your Spend on Parcel Add Up?

Embedded parcel rate indices help reduce the risk of overspend. Ongoing optimization lets you take advantage of the first, middle, and final mile of all parcel deliveries. That may include freight consolidation, zone skipping, or other fulfillment models to produce the most cost-effective and timely delivery. Moreover, extensive integration with global parcel carriers, as well as their last-mile providers, can lead to significant savings of 30% or more.

Through its global capabilities, our parcel software includes consideration of possible tariffs, discounted rates, and net-net rates. A complete review of all costs associated with parcel freight management enables better rate management to derive more value and cost savings with fewer touch points. This reduces the risk of damage and loss, as well as overspend in all things parcel.

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