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Easily Handle Your Reverse Logistics Experience

Digitize Your Reverse Logistics For Ease and Efficiency

As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, reverse logistics is gaining momentum as an increasingly important part of the customer experience.

According to Shopify, e-commerce purchase return rates have climbed to over 20%. It’s a critical thing to note since 96% of e-commerce shoppers say they would purchase again from a retailer with an easy return experience.

We digitize the process for both shippers and logistics service providers through integrated workflows housed within the TMS. By bridging the gap between carriers and shippers, reverse logistics becomes simpler and clearer for both.

Make Reverse Logistics Work in Your Favor

Integration within our enterprise TMS

Integrated workflows via MercuryGate Claims eliminate delays in submitting, processing, and paying claims for reverse logistics needs.

More Data Provides Insight Into Carrier Performance

The ability to collect and analyze data on reverse logistics enables carrier scorecarding to better track and understand their performance.

More Predictability In Cash Flow From Returns Payments

Using advanced analytics, shippers can view the returns rates among carriers and keep tabs on inbound, reverse logistics inventory to keep DC stock at optimum levels.

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