Automated freight bill audit and payment for easy accuracy and control

Better leverage data to realize significant savings

How easy and efficient is it for you to audit and approve carrier invoicing? The sheer volume of information related to invoicing and payment makes manual validation of invoices and payments prohibitively time consuming. But if you don’t dig into the details, how can you know for certain that each invoice is accurate and valid for payment?
MercuryGate radically simplifies the freight bill audit and payment process through advanced automation that’s easily configured to your business objectives. The MercuryGate platform’s audit system includes robust rating engine capabilities that allow users to reconcile, audit, and settle accounts rapidly and effectively. This empowers users to leverage data more effectively, eliminate tedious manual checks, and catch wasteful errors before completing payment.
MercuryGate helps prevent errors that not only cost money, but also strain partner and customer relations as well. MercuryGate helps make your accounting far more effective while building customer relationships rather than breaking them down.
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Effective freight audit and prompt payment

The choice between random, unaudited invoice approval and exhausting manual handling is essential to paying for what you actually ship. MercuryGate frees you from these unattractive options through powerful automation in freight auditing and payment processing that’s configured to your needs. Once carrier invoices are properly approved, the system automatically creates customer invoices and attaches the right paperwork to the invoice. In other words, your customers are more likely to pay their invoices faster and in full. Users can also easily create individual bills or consolidate existing bills to hasten payment settlement.

What is freight bill audit?

A freight bill audit involves the complete review and validation of invoiced charges for accuracy under the contract of carriage. MercuryGate’s platform makes this process easier and more reliable through dynamic rule sets and automated processing.

Learn How MercuryGate Can Streamline Your Freight Billing and Auditing Processes With Leading Edge Technology and Decades of Hands-On Transportation Industry Experience