Billing And Invoicing Software on Autopilot Makes the Complex Manageable

Billing and Invoicing software to get your accounting in gear

Manual transportation billing and invoicing are harbingers of higher costs in your supply chain. Handling billing and invoicing for a small number of transactions can bog down your people with too much information. Are accessorial charges accurate? Are you certain that you haven’t already billed your customer for carrier charges?

With decades of experience working side by side with leading transportation teams, we’ve designed our billing and invoicing solution to handle the complexity and legwork of billing and invoicing. Intuitive billing and invoicing frees your workers to focus on other more important tasks.

Transportation Management System
Animated Delivery Points

Automation Reduces Frustration and Labor Costs

Manually sorting through invoices and trying to reconcile disparate sets of financial data costs significantly more than you realize. Your focus needs to go to managing transportation for maximum profitability. MercuryGate’s automated platform allows invoices to flow in electronically. The platform automatically matches invoices to loads, using our settlement robotic process automation (RPA), requiring zero manual intervention. In the case of real exceptions, the billing and invoicing software will bring it immediately to your attention to take proper action. This frees up you and your team to be more productive and forward-looking.

Empower Your Accounting To Accelerate And Innovate ​

Reduce the risk of financial loss and fast-track your processing with our powerful automated processes, configured to your unique business requirements. Use MercuryGate’s billing and invoicing solution to:
Specialized TMS
Specialized TMS
Speed TMS

Easy integration with all systems

Our billing and invoicing solutions integrate with any system, including existing financial resources, load boards, and business intelligence platforms.
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Financial System Integration
Carrier and customer charges can both be GL-coded and integrated with financial systems. As changes happen, the system can generate back out or cancel transactions and re-bill the client accordingly.
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Transportation Management Integration
Our billing and invoicing software works in tandem with the robust functions of the full MercuryGate platform. You can automatically validate carrier rates with contracts and set tolerance levels for manual validation as well.
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Dispute Process Integration
MercuryGate billing and invoicing reduces your workload by allowing carriers to communicate directly with the system regarding invoices and disputes. This enables fewer emails and phone calls, promoting faster resolution to disputes and completing payments accordingly.

Learn How to Enable Your Transportation Billing and Invoicing to Perform at Industry Leading Levels of Accuracy and Efficiency