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Customer Scorecards Track Performance for LSP Profitability

Measure Ease of Pickups and Deliveries with a Customer Scorecard

Customer satisfaction must be the top priority in logistics. While most TMS vendors, shippers, and LSPs understand the value of the carrier scorecard, it is easy to overlook the value of scorecarding on the reverse side of the equation. That is where we bring you the advantage of using a one-of-a-kind customer scorecard to measure the carrier’s, as well as the logistics provider’s, overall satisfaction with a given shipper.

For example, does shipper data on freight align with what’s actually ready for pickup, or do shippers stand by their time commitments?

Customer Scorecard Illustration

Easily Know When to Award Shipper-of-Choice Status

The customer scorecard provides a snapshot of shipper performance to help LSPs identify which shippers are most eligible for shipper-of-choice status. That information is invaluable on its own, but it can be especially useful when renegotiating contracts and setting clear expectations for those contracts.

The Value of Customer Scorecard Use in Logistics

Increased accountability when making final mile deliveries to shippers’ customers
Using data and insights gained from the customer scorecard help shippers understand where service failures occur, namely those that fall to the responsibility of the shipper.
Improved collaboration with dock personnel

Connecting the full shipment lifecycle, including final mile delivery with a customer scorecard helps carriers collaborate with shippers since they know carriers are tracking their performance.

Better chances of getting paid on-time and in full
Since shippers are ranked within the customer scorecard, it’s easier to see which shippers pay the fastest and without added hassle or stress.
Predictive planning also plays a role to improve all operations
Using the customer scorecard to measure success in predictive planning on the shipper’s part further helps everyone identify at-risk processes and continuously improve.

Enhance Your Service Levels by Working with Shippers That Have a Proven Record of Accountability