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Shipment Planning Metrics Boost Efficiency

Enable Proactive Load Planning with Powerful Shipment Planning Metrics

Gain the metrics you need to recognize exceptions, intervene when necessary, and keep customers informed. Use in-depth data to account for limited capacity and continuously optimize shipments while in transit. Identify when a delay or late delivery may occur at the moment of shipment execution. With planning metrics, identify preemptive actions to get ahead of exceptions.

Data Insights Drive Value for the Full Delivery

Use external and historical data to consider factors that affect timely delivery — such as carrier performance, weather patterns, traffic, and more. By connecting the dots from order creation through the final mile, you can create a more proactive and strategic supply chain.

How Planning Metrics Add Value

Insight at the Moment of Scheduling

Real-time data shows shipment ETA based on the full view of shipping through the last mile.

Leverage Historical and External Data

Explore what may affect a shipment’s transit and delivery through the first, middle, and last mile phases of final mile, as well as long-haul moves.

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Shareability of Data Throughout the Transportation Network
Intuitive systems and real-time data sharing ensure everyone in the network knows what to expect.
Improved Asset Management Through the Full Shipment Lifecycle, Including Final Mile

Increased shipment planning leads to better asset management for LSPs, complex network couriers, and shippers that operate in-house fleets.

Boost Efficiency and the Intelligent Use of Data with Shipment Planning