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Highly Accurate Predictive ETAs for Superior Service

Predictive ETAs: Accurately predict probability of being on-time, as well as time of arrival

We have changed the game with an adaptive algorithm that accurately predicts the time of arrival and the probability of being on-time. Users can track the history of shipments, assess carrier performance, and replan dock schedules based on these calculations.

Dynamic ETAs Improve Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Having access to critical data across all modes can help you be more proactive when issues arise, especially in those modes where delays are most likely to occur. Account for changing shipper needs, assess current area conditions, and reroute drivers to meet new AI-driven time and delivery date prediction estimates. It’s all part of smart transportation.

Power of Predictive ETAs in Transportation

Automation Boosts Collaboration in Dock Management
With more data in the system, users can know their risk for late arrivals/departures, which may further generate a notification to customers or other involved parties.
High Configurability Allows for Better Review of Current Driver Planning

Greater configurability within the system reduces delays by allowing for issues and leveraging dynamic rerouting to accommodate tight schedules for shippers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with More Information About Planned Deliveries or Pickups
Real-time updates to changes in the time and delivery date prediction boost customer service levels.
Reduced Call Checks
With more data on the real-time shipment status, shippers and carriers can focus on other needs and have peace of mind regarding planned arrivals.
Ongoing Reassessment of Current Conditions Enables Management by Exception
When things do not go as planned, the algorithm can assess the situation, consider other options and reroute future deliveries to minimize late arrivals.
Are Couriers Managing the Complexity of Final Mile Shipping Needs?

Do couriers pick up all packages submitted for pickup? How many pickups are missed? How many deliveries are made on time and in full?

Stress Less Over Delivery with Predictive ETAs