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Push Productivity with TMS Compliance & Governance

Slash Through Red Tape with Logic-based Compliance

Supply chains works at their peak when best practices are identified and implemented throughout the organization. This is especially true with governance and compliance. The complexity of today’s transportation environments and the geographic distribution of teams and partners can make this extremely challenging. Fortunately, the MercuryGate TMS can automate compliance activities into daily workflows using dynamic, rule-based logic.

A robust TMS architecture utilizing best-in-class workflow configurations allows for easy standardization across internal teams, external partners, and stakeholders. This includes native carrier compliance management, market rate index, and other features such as clear visibility via APIs, which may be harder to access through add-on modules in other systems.

Keep Carriers Rolling with Automated Onboarding and Compliance

Carriers typically do not enjoy the onboarding process or shipments with overly complicated load requirements. For small carriers in particular, those extra processes mean their attention is taken away from managing their drivers, or in some cases – driving themselves. And any time spent on non-driving tasks limits their earning potential.

This is where automation can help. With built-in integrations to a comprehensive network of regulatory and industry sources that securely store carrier data on insurance, safety ratings, equipment, and driver performance, getting new carriers onboarded can be almost instantaneous.

Beyond carrier onboarding, the MercuryGate TMS can integrate compliance rules down to the individual shipment level or carrier type and can be immediately updated when processes change. The TMS connects with external reporting tools to ensure information from all sources is up to date. As information changes, procedural rules are triggered to help ensure compliance – from initial load assignment throughout the lifecycle of the shipment. If a carrier is not in compliance while performing a move, the appropriate party is notified, and appropriate steps can be taken to bring the shipment or carrier back into compliance.

Set Compliance Rules That Maximize Fleet and Driver Performance

Whether your company owns a fleet of equipment with a team of drivers, or you outsource your fleet operations to a dedicated third party, the right TMS can help eliminate the hassle of monitoring for compliance of driver certifications, safety records, vehicle and equipment maintenance, safety checks, licensure, and insurance coverage.

Even hybrid models of owned and outsourced fleet operations can be supported within a singular instance of the TMS – keeping all your compliance data centralized and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Keep pace with compliance requirements using tailored TMS workflows