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Customer rating drives Pricing Accountability 

Customer Rating Capabilities

Ensure you are providing the right price to your customers. Keep track of what your landed costs will be. Increasing pricing transparency is critical for today’s shippers, LSPs, brokers, and freight forwarders.
Customer Rating

Learn how to add value in your transportation management processes

Customer Rating

Centralize Customer Rating for Clarity of Execution

Customer freight rate management capabilities can help you centralize your supply chain management. With everything housed within one resource, your customer rating functions can mimic carrier ratings, consider an add-on service fee, and more. Your team can use this to visualize all costs and enable turnkey management for improved business continuity.

Easily Monitor and Manage Costs with Real-time Freight Rating Capabilities

Continuous adaptation of rates

Use a single tool to manage all stages of a shipment lifecycle to increase transparency and enable ongoing adaptation of rating processes.

Ongoing rate assessments and changes

Changes to the customer rating structure automatically adjust based on your unique needs and set requirements.

Scaling customer rates with the complexity of your operation
The amount of effort required in the customer rating engine varies and depends wholly on what each user wishes to get from the system.
Highly configurable rating capabilities.

Automated workflows are highly configurable to make it easier to implement pricing strategies and accommodate market volatility.

Increase Pricing Transparency and Make Both Quoting and Management Easier