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Power End-to-End Transportation Execution with Digital Freight Networks  

Tap into the Largest Digital Freight Network in the Industry

Our digital freight network provides access to a robust ecosystem of over 100,000 pre-onboarded carriers, so that you can find and secure capacity in the most challenging circumstances. From late-scheduled emergency shipments to low-volume lanes and specialty freight, be confident that capacity will be available when and where you need it.

Measure the value gained by a digital freight network

Digital Freight Uncovers previously hidden opportunities

Connectivity and instant access to capacity differentiate digital freight capabilities from traditional brokerages. This frees you from tedious manual processes, using automation to show the most relevant and affordable rates and service levels for all loads.

The industry-wide shift toward digital freight networks is helping carriers and shippers alike become more efficient by reducing empty backhauls, increasing visibility and traceability, and providing instant access to capacity.

Think Beyond Traditional with Digital Freight Networks

Complete view into current capacity fragmentation

Seeing limited capacity or wasted space in real time helps shippers and carriers recognize where to allocate distribution and enable procurement scalability for future growth.

Easy-to-use functionality

By automating the processes and workflows of the digital freight network, MercuryGate enables turnkey tendering, quoting, and booking from within the TMS.

Centralized data streams create a scalable, single touchpoint for finding capacity
Using APIs, shippers can instantly view the full context of a shipment’s origin, destination, transit time, and needs, or they can submit a new load for tendering among available carriers.
More data means better capacity management
The whole transportation network, ranging from brokers to carriers and shippers, continues to pour data into our TMS business intelligence tools to ensure fair market rates for freight at the correct service level.
Configurable shipping details allow for improvement management

Customization options, such as lane preference, ETA windows, and carrier histories, allow for more granular views of available capacity to meet the shipment requirements.

Predictive ETAs

Like all intelligent aspects of transportation software offerings, predictive ETAs provide real-time data to ensure shippers know what to expect at the moment of execution.

Access Secure, Automated Capacity Procurement with Digital Freight Tools