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Fleet Management Automation That Delivers

Dynamic Rulesets that Maximize Fleet Performance

Whether your company owns a fleet of equipment with a team of drivers, or you outsource your fleet operations to a dedicated third party, the right TMS can help eliminate the hassle of monitoring for compliance of driver certifications, safety records, vehicle and equipment maintenance, safety checks, and licensure and insurance coverage.

Even hybrid models of owned and outsourced fleet operations can be supported within a singular instance of the MercuryGate TMS – keeping all your compliance data centralized and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Keep Your Trucks and Drivers Rolling... and Earning

Mismanagement of fleet equipment or drivers’ hours of service can lead to big impacts on cost and profitability. A driver with available hours but no vehicle means lost personal income and potential for driver turnover – down the line, it will cost more in recruiting expense. On the flip side, an available vehicle with no driver means missed loads and revenue potential for the company. Either way – it’s a lose/lose situation.

Discover how fleet management capabilities inside the TMS can boost performance and profits:

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Manage both brokered and contracted fleet

Seamlessly align assets to carry either brokered or contracted freight from within a single instance of the TMS.

Match capacity with shipments

Don’t let your available trucks sit idle – match their location and availability to corresponding loads using digital freight matching tools in the TMS.

Reduce risk and boost compliance

Easily manage drivers and equipment, and monitor carrier performance and compliance – all within a single system and based on rulesets and configurations you control.

Lower technology costs
Built-in fleet management capabilities within the TMS reduce the time and cost of integrating or developing technology solutions in-house.
Improve accuracy and efficiency

A centralized software-as-a-service (SaaS) system can reduce miscommunications and errors, improve recordkeeping, and eliminate barriers to operation.

Hold carriers accountable and promote continuous improvement with data-driven scorecards that measure common performance metrics.

Leverage Fleet Management to Drive Bottom-Line Gains