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Automated Order Entry at Your Fingertips

End-to-End Visibility Keeps You in the Know

Automate transportation order management from the order’s inception, packaging, tendering of shipments, all the way through to the final mile delivery. Cloud-based technology enables real-time data sharing keeping everyone connected to the order information that is most critical to them without disruption. This provides ease and visibility throughout the entire transportation order management workflow. 

Accelerate Transportation Order Management with Highly Configurable Systems

Every shipment has multiple touchpoints – and every touchpoint represents a potential failure without stringent order management rules in place. Multiply those potential failures across hundreds, or even thousands, of shipments per day and order management could quickly become an albatross.

Transportation order management represents one of the most basic – and frustrating – freight challenges that can be solved with a TMS. With the MercuryGate TMS, there is no need to build the whole shipment workflow from scratch with each shipment. Flexible rulesets and seamless sharing of data gives you the ability to automate workflows and have shipment-level visibility into exceptions that need to bypass regular workflows.

Set Clear Shipping Expectations with Integrated Rating and Pricing

An integrated rating system and transparent pricing structure help everyone know what to expect in terms of costs. This promotes collaboration based on dynamic rulesets, automation, and current data. This also helps manage customers’ expectations for delivery, based on consistent transportation order management.


Learn How Transportation Order Management Creates Improvement and Optimization in Your Supply Chain