Get efficiency in gear with advanced pooling and routing capabilities

Enable your team to excel at pool distribution

Use MercuryGate transportation management automation to make exceptional pool distribution part of your everyday strategy. We have over a decade of experience supporting users to identify and execute advanced scenarios with dynamic pooling. With MercuryGate’s planning you can optimize multiple connected intermediate points. You can also consider several options including fanning into a consolidation center or transporting consolidated loads to distribution centers and then fanning out with deliveries in a single pass.
TMS Dock Scheduling

Tap into pool distribution’s bottom-Line value

Pool distribution allows you to take less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and pool them in order to use fewer total trucks at your facility. Instead of having 12 carriers vying for space at the dock, pooling allows a single truck to load all shipments and address distribution without delaying your facility.
This is achieved by moving these pooled shipments to a single regional terminal or pool point. There the freight is sorted according to its final destination and sent on its way for local delivery at a significant total savings.
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Pool to save money
Full truckloads always cost less than LTL shipments. Sharing at least part of the ride with other shipments distributes the cost for a greater overall cost savings. MercuryGate makes the process accessible and repeatable in order to make this a standard part of your transportation strategy.
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Pool to save time
Achieve improved delivery times by pooling through MercuryGate. Consolidating multiple shipments to a single long-haul truck sets up more consistent and reliable delivery. And shipments arrive sooner than a truck making stops along the way.
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Pool to Improve Service
Reducing the number of overall shipments through MercuryGate makes for better supply chain management, which includes an additional check-in point to ensure freight is on track for timely delivery, all while reducing the handling of freight and opportunities for damage or loss.
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Pool For Sustainability
MercuryGate pooling and advanced routing lets you use fewer trucks to decrease your carbon footprint while reducing the amount of fuel burned and limiting the wear on your equipment, all of which leads to less damage to the environment.

Find out how MercuryGate can easily empower your team to execute advanced pooling and routing strategies for ongoing strategic advantages