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Boost Settlement Activities with Integrated Cost Allocation

Integrated Settlement Processes Ensure Collaboration

All-in-one monitoring and tracking software, paired with existing, innovative technology can help improve payment processing and budgeting. With proper allocation and management, it becomes much easier to see everything that affects payments and bottom-line returns on investments. When it comes to claims and settlements, this level of transparency and adaptability is particularly critical for collaboration and growth.

The advantage of our TMS comes from the ability to integrate with your financial system of choice to ensure all costs are properly assigned. That reduces the barriers to freight payment and helps keep the books straight.

A Single Source of Truth for Managing Financial Data

A better, digital approach to managing back-office operations improves general cost allocation and offers significant advantages over traditional, paper-based systems. A strong allocation process makes it easier for financial managers to streamline and better utilize financial data from procurement through final mile, using an existing ERP or a financial system of choice to understand and augment the financial health of your business.

Back-office operations, inter-network collaboration, third-party partnerships, and end-to-end operations all gain increased efficiency and adaptability. Unifying supply chain operations with a single source of financial data and analytics can streamline overall operations quickly and easily.

How Cost Allocation Works

Auto-tagging and matching of invoice data to payment processes

Automatically track shipments from start to finish with the latest in invoice tracking and processing software.

Instant data capture

Snapshot data and claims occurrences in real-time to stay on top of potential problems as they happen.

Embedded rate and service auditing
Manage auditing processes quickly and easily with onboarding process and software embedded into current dashboard and apps.
Cost accounting for interdepartmental billing and tracking
Organize inventory processes and track a variety of financial data points and types all with one convenient cost allocation process.
Easy collaboration with customer service integrations

Maintain fast and easy communications in real-time by keeping customers up to date on the latest payment and shipment information.

Integration with ERP platforms and your financial system of choice
Avoid the hassle of manual GL coding and allocation in managing your ledger with automated system controls and integrated resources that seamlessly share data via API and EDI connections.

Uncover hidden savings and efficiency with freight cost allocation and payment management