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Simplified Customer Invoicing Direct within the TMS

Manage Customer Invoicing Processes from One Place – Inside the TMS

Keep your supply chain moving smoothly and ensure maximum efficiency is maintained, from initial pickup to last mile delivery, with a well-integrated TMS.

Our system integrates with the top-notch documentation and invoicing systems of choice. For instance, our TMS connects with Transflo and HubTran to enable more streamlined document management, which leads directly to improved customer invoicing capabilities. Our platform can generate documents for brokers and carriers that need to invoice shippers for services rendered on demand in a highly configurable module.

It is all possible with the customer invoicing system inside the MercuryGate TMS.

Customer Invoicing

Cloud-Based Systems That Deliver Secure, Accurate Shipment Accounting Details

Modern technology provides a solid foundation for better management of supply chain finances, budgeting, operations, shipping, and customer service. With end-to-end seamless service becoming the norm rather than the exception, a focus on experience at every point in the delivery process is the best way to ensure a smoothly operating supply chain.

But the nature of two-way communications between freight brokers, shippers, and carriers have always been wrought with friction. This is especially true of payment services with multiple invoices for multiple shipments being sent and received at any given time.

From initial shipment to last mile hand-off, and every point in between, digital processes help streamline the transportation process by creating invoices when necessary and connecting those invoices with billing systems of choice. And it can do the same for invoice management in addition to providing the heightened security and accuracy required, and expected, from a digitized supply chain.

The Value of Integrated Customer Invoicing

Better Connectivity

Connecting to customers and team members via a cloud-based platform or app makes it much easier to respond to issues and keep brokers, carriers, and shippers connected whether that is generating documents on-demand or sharing them with shippers to hasten freight settlement.

Greater Overall Efficiency
Automating invoicing precursory documents and notifications can reduce overall time required for error correction and one-to-one communication when carriers and brokers need to invoice for freight.
Boosted Profit Margins
With added transparency in accounting practices, gain favor with carriers as a preferred customer – helping to lower rejection rates and secure better pricing.
Increased Scalability and Adaptability
Scale and adjust accounting operations as needed when new brokers or carriers are onboarded, so you have faster access to capacity.
Greater Brand Recognition and Reputation
With fast and accurate invoicing and reliable communications, solidify your company’s reputation as a trusted broker or reliable carrier.