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Staying competitive and constantly maximizing transportation performance is essential to shippers successfully managing a complex supply chain. Across all industries shippers face the same challenges of meeting rising customer expectations while simultaneously trying to lower freight costs, gain visibility, improve processes, and reduce redundances within their network. Developed by supply chain professionals, MercuryGate understands the needs of shippers and delivers cloud-based and highly scalable solutions to help our customers see significant cost savings, service enhancement, and differentiation within their industry.
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Our Industry Expertise:

  • Food & Beverage – Empowering food distribution companies to deliver on time and within compliance.
  • Pharma – Turning the complexity of pharma transport into a competitive advantage.
  • Retail – Enabling retailers to add visibility and collaboration capabilities into their supply chain.
  • Manufacturing – Achieve better operational decision making through our business intelligence.
  • Wholesale Distribution – Respond to marketplace shifts with real-time data and the ability to optimize on the fly.
7-15 %
Annual Reduction in Transportation Spend
0 %
Reduction in Time Spent Load Tendering
0 %
Reduction in Time Spent on Audit & Payment

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All Capabilities Included

MercuryGate technology offers highly relevant functionality that gives you a competitive advantage across your entire supply chain.

MercuryGate TMS

MercuryGate TMS – A system that offers powerful tools to execute from the planning stage to the last mile delivery

MercuryGate Claims

MercuryGate Claims – Centralize data with MercuryMyEZClaims to manage any type of claim across all modes.

Mercury Gate Final Mile

Mercury Gate Final Mile – Optimize every mile in your supply chain from the first mile to the last mile.

Your Customer’s Experience Will Benefit From Our Experience

The MercuryGate transportation management platform manages more than $60B USD in freight, processing approximately 120 million loads per year, and 70 million transaction files per month. Through our global network of 3PL partners, the MercuryGate TMS automates the shipping for over 1.3 million of the world’s largest globalized businesses. 

We are deployed in over 126 countries and on average process 3.1 million daily logins across 50 countries. This gives us an unparalleled perspective on the real needs of transportation teams as well as the extensive opportunities for savings we can pass on to our clients in many industries.

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