More Freight Rate Data Indexes Enable Historical Analysis and Continuous Improvement of Freight

Tap into the most data-Rich freight rate index available

Leverage this data to identify the opportunities that best support your business objectives and bottom-line benefit. MercuryGate’s Freight Rate Index analyzes the data of $60B USD in MercuryGate customers’ freight under management, and provides buy and sell rate information for all major modes.

Measure the ROI value you gain from our TMS Solution

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Comprehensive And Current Freight Rates For Bottom-Line Impact​

Compare shipment costs against the MercuryGate rate index tool to determine real rate competitiveness. From truckload, less than truckload, intermodal, parcel, ocean, air, and rail – the MercuryGate freight rate index tool has nearly three times more rate data than the largest transaction freight indexes. It not only provides rates for all major modes, it also includes rates extended directly by carriers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and brokers. This empowers our customers to sell freight transportation with reliable and data-driven information even before they have secured a carrier. No other transportation management system (TMS) solution does that.

The freight rate functionality to serve your specific needs

MercuryGate’s Freight Rate Index is agile enough to be deployed in the ways that most support your business priorities. Whether working with spot or contract rates, buy or sell rates, the MercuryGate built-in market rate index function serves a wide range of purposes. Use it to display freight modes and carrier rates, plus 3PL and broker rates.

You can also use the index rate to better understand the costs on a lane, as well as store benchmark on loads for later freight analysis. The system can even compare data with other indexes, such as DAT’s RateView.

Updated nightly and scrubbed to preserve anonymity, customer rates are maintained separately from carrier rates. Contract rates and spot rates are also separately categorized by mode and type of service. The MercuryGate rate index then creates an industry benchmark rate to measure transportation spend.

Indexes can also be stored on a load, as a benchmark, for future analysis on how the freight spend measured up by mode and service. It’s the depth of engagement that helps guarantee MercuryGate customers are provided the most accurate rates available.

Learn how the MercuryGate Freight Rate Index can enhance your transportation strategies