True Multimodal Rating Data and Management Optimize Savings

More multimodal data gives you greater accuracy

MercuryGate’s multimodal rate index contains more data than the largest transaction freight indexes. In addition to showing all major modes, it also includes rates extended directly by carriers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and brokers. Review multimodal rates alongside direct rates at any time. This empowers our customers to sell freight transportation with reliable and data-driven information even before they have secured their carriers.

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Multimodal integration for expanded saving opportunities

Where are the most significant savings to be found in spot freight and shipping freight rates? Often, it’s in those gray areas between the different modes, including air freight rates and ocean freight rates. MecuryGate’s multimodal rating capabilities provide additional value for our customers.

Many transportation management system (TMS) solutions pigeonhole freight into very specific mode restrictions. This can cause your organization to miss major savings opportunities that could have been gained with greater breadth. That’s why MercuryGate rating functionality applies across freight with any method of transportation – land, sea, or air. And it extends to any part of the world or multiple geographies at the same time. This functionality can manage the full scope of inbound, outbound, inter-company, backhauls, and returns. Not every TMS can do this. In fact, some of the largest systems actually need to partner with other technologies on modes, while MercuryGate does it all natively.
Take a deeper dive into TMS saving and gain greater insight into how TMS solutions can provide stronger return on investment in our ROI white paper.

Assess your rating against organization and industry benchmarks

MercuryGate finalizes our rate engine by creating an industry benchmark rate to measure transportation spend. By analyzing the data of $60B USD in MercuryGate customers’ freight under management, monthly benchmarks by lane are calculated. The data, scrubbed to preserve anonymity, is updated nightly.

Customer rates are maintained separately from carrier rates. Contract rates and spot rates are also separated as well as categorized by mode. Type-of-service indexes can be stored on a load, as a benchmark. The data points can then be used in future analysis to show how the freight spend measured up by mode and service. This depth guarantees MercuryGate customers are provided the most accurate rates available.

Learn How Your Team Can Easily Attain Multi-Modal Rating for the Best Overall Shipping Freight Rates