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Tap into the deep yet nimble rating functionality you need to find the lowest freight shipping costs while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. MercuryGate rating and capacity automation is designed to deliver accurate, real-time buy and sell market rates for all modes, including multi-leg rates for many different types of users. No wonder so many of the world’s largest companies, renowned for transportation expertise, rely on us.

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Animated Delivery Points

Empower your transport teams with MercuryGate’s rate repository to:

The flexibility to excel in changing markets

Whether working with spot or contract rates, buy or sell rates, the MercuryGate built-in market rate index function serves multiple purposes. Use it to display freight modes and carrier rates, plus third-party logistics provider (3PL) and broker rates. Or apply it to understand the costs on a lane as well as store benchmark data on loads for later freight analysis. The system can also compare data with other indexes, such as DAT’s RateView.

Rating power that sets you apart

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Analyze multiple carrier proposals simultaneously, bid projects, and communicate long-term requirements to carriers to obtain contract pricing on mode-specific lanes.
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Native Parcel Rating
Unmatched parcel options from around the world, not just the large parcel carriers in North America, to enable major optimization benefits.
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Loading Meters
Especially important in Europe, where less-than-truckload (LTL) and groupage shipments require accurate loading meter determination.
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LTL Density And Linear Feet Rating

A critical benefit for resellers operating on our platform. Few systems in the market – even those that can rate LTL freight – can accommodate pure density rating, cubic capacity, linear feet, and dim factors

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Schedule Rating

For large shippers, air, ocean, and rail are vital facets of their freight transportation needs. Rates are coupled with schedules, and our versatile system permits both manual schedule population plus integration with schedule providers.

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Buy and Sell Contract Rating

Attain sell rates that are critical to your business success as a carrier, broker or 3PL/4PL. Because many TMS solutions were designed primarily for shippers, they lack sell rates or offer only awkward retrofitted options.

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Dynamic Sell Pricing
Dynamic determination of sell rates derived from benchmarks, gainshare agreements, spot rates, management fees, and uplifts from purchased transportation.
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Rule 11-Ready Rail Freight Management
The nuances of Rule 11 for rail freight management are cumbersome. Access all rail carriers via the MercuryGate platform, generate invoices for each customer, and retake control over multiple rail carriers with ease.

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