Optimize your parcel freight both home and abroad

Native Parcel Management Is Part of the MercuryGate Platform

Nobody does parcel freight automation better than MercuryGate. That’s because parcel isn’t an add-on or an afterthought. It’s native to our platform. MercuryGate’s parcel management empowers you to optimize parcel freight and support multiple carriers at home and internationally.
From parcel carrier booking, label generation, and zone-skipping to optimization of volume discounts and incentives, and flexible management of inbound parcels, MercuryGate parcel again builds automation into your basic operations. MercuryGate empowers you to excel at parcel like never before.
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Make parcel shipping excellence a consistent part of your team's performance

The Amazon effect has changed how we think of parcel freight. Growing e-commerce demands are matched only by increasing customer expectations. This has turned fast and affordable parcel tracking and delivery into a requirement for business success. The challenge transportation teams face is how to achieve and maintain this high standard of service while still optimizing for cost savings. As parcel shipping volumes continue to rise at an unprecedented rate for many industries, transportation teams too often are forced to sacrifice efficiency for precision. With the knowledge of the detailed service delivery days, users can avoid selecting expensive levels of service when a less expensive level will get the product to the customer just as fast, deriving more value and savings. MercuryGate is uniquely equipped to give you the best of both sides of the equation.

Does your parcel rating add up?

MercuryGate’s native parcel capabilities and dynamic rating let you choose from a wide variety of options to find both the most cost-effective and customer-appropriate form of delivery. The breadth of our parcel rating options is simply unmatched in the marketplace. This functionality is supported for parcel carriers from around the world.

This broad ability to perform native parcel rating generates major optimization benefits. In fact, transportation teams that rely on a transportation management system (TMS) lacking such extensive integration with parcel carriers can spend as much as 30% more.

Our native parcel offering also stores tariff rates (published rates by parcel carriers), discounted rates (those contracted with select carriers), and net-net rates (incentivized rates based on volume thresholds) all under one system to streamline rate management for greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Is Your Parcel Freight Performance Costing You Time, Money And Opportunity? Learn How Native Parcel Capabilities Can Bring Your Team Cost Savings and Delivery Efficiencies