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Customer portal - service at the speed of MercuryGate

The MercuryGate transportation management platform does more than enable exceptional transportation performance; it’s a business platform for many of the savviest third-party logistics providers (3PLs), shippers, brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders in the world. To support 3PLs in serving their customers, MercuryGate offers a comprehensive customer portal that extends services and visibility without increasing the workload of your team.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort from your team to keep your customers apprised of their transportation activities. In fact, when you deploy the MercuryGate customer portal, within minutes you will find it easier to work with partners, while also significantly reducing the need for email  and phone communications immediately.

TMS Customer Portal

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Give customers their own control tower view

The MercuryGate customer portal provides a control tower view of customers’ transportation activity. Non-TMS ( transportation management system) users, including your resellers, can see shipment statuses as well as any proactive, relevant exception processes. Customers who are TMS users can see current locations on maps, as well as remaining transit information, to better plan inventory and dock schedules. They can also add new shipments or route existing shipments.
Use the customer portal to share critical information, as well as to create and manage customer invoices. If a customer requires specific documentation to support certain charges or even pay an invoice, the customer portal provides the excellent collaboration and communication resource.

What is a TMS customer portal?

The TMS customer portal is a website that enables customers to track and manage their shipments in real time. The MercuryGate customer portal helps eliminate what could be expensive delays and miscommunications, clearing issues without increasing your work. Customers feel more in control while your team achieves greater accountability and avoids headaches now and in the future.

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