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seamless two-way communication with the carrier portal

Easily Share ETAs, Shipment Updates, and Load Documents with carriers - all Built Into the TMS

As essential as it is, sometimes waiting on communication and shipment updates to and from carriers can be the biggest productivity drain in your supply chain. When multiple carriers are actively executing loads, managing a barrage of phone calls, emails, messages, and texts can quickly consume your workday.

With access to over 100,000 carriers through our TMS, we understand how critical it is to have timely communication with carriers. The carrier portal creates a place where both parties can interact together, online, for improved collaboration – from the moment an order is submitted to its final delivery.

What Is A Carrier Portal?

A carrier portal is a web-based solution that easily allows partner carriers to effectively manage transportation for their clients by sharing their most important information. This information can include responding to bookings/tenders, updating shipment status, uploading documents such as POD or BOL, searching for nearby available loads, reviewing loads already matched, invoicing, and other transactions between shippers and carriers.

One Place to Share Relevant Invoicing, Reporting, and More

The carrier portal enables clear and current communication over bookings and tenders, equipment, preferred areas and lanes of service, payment terms and options, invoicing, consolidated billing, and more. The carrier portal also makes it easy for both the shipper and carrier to stay current on documentation and terms of agreement.

Within the carrier portal, carriers interact through the platform without the need for application programming interfaces (APIs) or electronic data interchange (EDI), keeping expenses low across all modes. The carrier portal provides functions through simple web browser access, minimizing the need for a high-dollar system. 

Benefits For Shippers​

Street-Level Optimization

Benefits For Carriers

Learn How The Carrier Portal Helps Shippers and Carriers Save Time, Save Money, and Get More Done.