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dynamic workflows respond in real time across all modes

New on-the-Go Workflows with Ongoing optimization

Automate and streamline your transportation management without ever losing focus on your priorities. Let dynamic workflows, such as autonomous rerouting, run the day-to-day, so that you can manage the exceptions that demand your attention. Dynamic workflows keep your priorities clearly in sight and enable faster response times than what is achievable through manual processes.

Automating Workflows Means Less Manual Intervention

Automated protocols within the system can intuitively address the most common use cases in your supply chain to radically reduce manual intervention by your team. This frees your time and energy to manage the truly complex exceptions and maximize throughput across all modes.

Customize Rulesets to Work Your Way

Leverage adaptive and dynamic workflows to create unique or customized rulesets based on specific shipping parameters. Define your own requirements and adjust the system-generated workflows to suit your needs. This easy-to-use functionality supports the continuous expansion of fulfillment networks, including final mile couriers, across both inbound and outbound movements.

Increase the agility of your supply chain with dynamic workflows