Mobile Technology that Connects Drivers and Customers

Make Customer Communication Top Priority

Customers have never had higher expectations for deliveries. Powered by world-class software, our mobile app is available for iOS and Android users, letting customers see the exact location of their order enroute and the expected time of arrival (ETA). Making all this available in a mobile app eliminates the need for the customer and employee or driver to exchange multiple emails, phone calls, or text messages about delivery status.

Each order is automatically updated with the latest information that impacts delivery time and status. So, your customers are always fully informed of delivery changes as they occur.

Help Drivers Be More Efficient

Delivery drivers have an extremely complex job. Even the best route plans require updates at a moment’s notice when new orders are placed, delivery appointments are changed or cancelled, and unforeseeable issues like weather or traffic delays occur. It can be a lot to keep up with when each order requires a series of emails, text messages, and hard copy documents to be exchanged. Technology consolidates all these manual functions into a single, easy-to-use driver execution mobile app that pushes notifications on new pickup and delivery events and required re-routing, and also enables electronic document exchange and mobile signature capture – allowing drivers to have better information, and to get more done.

Easier Change Management

As changes occur, drivers receive routing updates via the mobile app to account for new order and return pick-ups. Customers are notified instantly of changes to delivery ETAs.

Safer Deliveries

Where possible, deliveries are made touchless with electronic document exchanges and signature captures. Turn-by-turn directions route drivers to avoid heavy traffic and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Sustainable Operations

Dynamic re-routing eliminates unnecessary miles from drivers’ delivery routes when new stops are added, and configures turn-by-turn directions that shrink delivery windows and fuel consumption.

Get mobility technology that delivers driver efficiency and customer peace of mind.