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End-to-End Claims Management Made Easy

Beyond Just Claim Filing

Integrated systems built for shippers and carriers, MercuryGate Claims centralizes data so you can easily handle and manage any type of claim. Receive and respond to any kind of claim, including loss and damage claims, over, short, and damaged (OS&D) incidents, overcharge claims, vendor claims, and return authorization requests. MercuryMyEZClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim, help you achieve harmony while reducing transaction and administrative costs by eliminating postage, paper, fax, and file management, as well as the manual data errors that come with them. 

Freight claims management: can be a tedious process caused by a variety of reasons, including damage.

Calculate Your Savings with Claims Management

Calculate the savings you can achieve with automation and centralized data. Use our easy tool to understand your current cost per claim and the projected annual savings with MercuryMyEZClaim.

Reduce Administrative Costs While Gaining Strategic Leverage

Transform your claims management process across all modes by centralizing data and reducing manual work with our extensive automation capabilities powered by MercuryMyEZClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim

Enhance claim documentation
Upload images, bills of lading (BOL), receipts, and other supporting documentation directly into the claim record.
Identify claims trends

Over 120 automatically generated reports and graphs, map visualization and drill-down by state and county, and automated report delivery across all modes, including final mile.

Customize reports

Choose from our 600+ different variables and create your own custom reports.

Efficient administrative controls

Assign and schedule tasks for other users while restricting access as needed, further allowing for increased use when uploading POD documentation and more to complete processing.

Minimize Freight Claim Costs with Automation Technology

The total cost of a damaged shipment can extend well beyond any individual department or budget line item – and it can add to the total cost of transportation.
Automation technology improves the freight claim process and minimizes costs by eliminating legacy manual processes and consolidating information required to support a successful claim.

Business Solutions For The Management Of Your Cargo Claims

Automate Management for All Types of Claims

Avoid slowdowns for returns and damages that shift your team’s focus from more important tasks

Loss And Damage Claims

Simply enter the details and the system generates a claim form accepted by all carriers. The system also calculates payment due after considering factors such as freight charges, salvage deductions, and carrier payments, as well as storing data for use in carrier scorecards and more later.

Overcharge Claims
Easily calculate and claim carrier freight bill overcharges. Set up your own overcharge reason codes for your staff to use. Calculate overcharges by mileage or by weight and currency conversions are built in.
Return Authorization Claims
Handle all the details necessary for arranging a return to vendor or distribution center. Specifics such as preferred carrier and whether the original order was drop-shipped are recorded, including dates and hours available for pickup, or other pertinent data, such as who initiated the RMA process and more.