Introducing MercuryFleet:
Advanced Fleet Management that Puts You in the Know

As a fleet operator, up-to-date and complete information is critical to protecting your business, managing your equipment, and running a highly efficient operation. And, with ever-changing regulations, it’s more challenging than ever to ensure your drivers and equipment are safe and compliant.   Whether you are a carrier with a large fleet or a shipper managing a private fleet, with MercuryFleet you will know everything about your fleet business including how to make it much more profitable.

Integrated with the leading TMS on the market, MercuryFleet gives you the power to:

  • Manage driver safety

  • Maximize asset utilization

  • Ensure compliance

  • Integrate your fleet into your non-asset based operation

Know more with MercuryFleet.

Why MercuryFleet?

Track and manage your drivers, operations, and equipment with the power of integrated MercuryFleet and TMS. With MercuryFleet, your business will operate more efficiently, while also lowering costs.

See Real-Time Information

New Fleet Dispatch allows team drivers and two trailers for Load Assignment, dispatcher details, and current location, and dispatch date details.

How the Analysts View MercuryFleet

“MercuryGate’s fleet management solution is integrated within the same platform, allowing customers to manage the execution, planning, and optimization of private fleets as well as contracted carriers.” —  Sankara Narayanan, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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