Air Shipment Execution in MercuryGate TMS

In addition to parcel, LTL, truckload, rail, and ocean, MercuryGate TMS provides a comprehensive air freight solution. Whether operating as a freight forwarder executing a high volume of international air shipments, or a shipper that uses air freight domestically, MercuryGate TMS is the perfect air freight planning and execution tool. Execute air shipments using native MercuryGate functionality while simultaneously communicating with trading partners. As an industry leader in integrating with technology providers, MercuryGate TMS comes equipped with high-value, time-saving integration tools.

Air Freight shipments of varying status displayed on a map and highlighted shipments that require attention.

End-to-End Shipment Control

Control every phase of every air freight shipment, from documentation to flight scheduling, pickup to final delivery. Plan, procure, tender, and deliver more shipments in less time, and respond immediately to critical milestones after receiving user defined alerts. With MercuryGate’s world-class Control Tower Visibility and decision support tools, companies are equipped with the business intelligence needed to compete in today’s global economy.

With Control Tower Visibility, delegate tasks and get immediate data about any air shipments.

Built-In Benefits

MercuryGate’s enabling architecture allows TMS users to configure transportation rules to ensure regulatory compliance, avoid transit delays, and contain costs for each leg – keeping their shipments moving and customers happy. MercuryGate’s lightning-fast air freight shipment planning and execution and SKU-level visibility continually improves supply chain effectiveness, and the MercuryEdge business intelligence reporting tool exposes trends, highlights important data, and acts as a strategic decision support tool.

Air shipments can be monitored from the local to the international level, allowing strategic decision-making even when shipments are in transit.

Other Features Include:

  • Door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-airport transportation management functionality
  • Management by zones
  • Domestic and international documentation templates
  • Tariff management tools
  • Support of hazmat materials, dangerous goods, and other highly regulated commodities
  • Expanded item coding and reference tables for regulatory compliance
  • Support for 19 languages
  • Coordination of service levels, lead times, flight schedules, and customer requirements to optimize each shipment
  • Calculation of duties, taxes, and other regulatory fees
  • Invoicing for multiple carriers and vendors
  • Generation of audit trails on all shipment and routing activities
  • Documentation customization options
  • User-friendly interface including ezClick workflow technology
  • Dashboard functionality with over 200 available portlets
  • Ability to edit tariffs, modify rate tables, and structure flight schedules
  • Manage trading lanes across carriers and customers
  • Maintain crucial customs/regulatory requirements

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