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Integrated Settlement Solutions Fortify Financial Control

Automate & Align Freight Payment to Drive Savings

Freight bill audit, freight payment, and cost allocation solutions integrated into your TMS achieve bottom-line savings by improving your transportation budgeting, cost monitoring, and payment execution. With advanced automation and reporting capabilities, you can radically simplify freight audit and payment processes while eliminating manual errors. At the same time, easy alignment with your preferred financial system ensures costs are properly assigned, reducing barriers to freight payment and keeping your accounting clean.

Freight audit and freight payment processes become inefficient when manual processes are required to manage a mountain of paperwork

Accelerate Financial Settlement with Automation

Freight Bill Audit

Dynamic rulesets and automated freight bill processing eliminate errors and alleviate workload with predefined cost variation thresholds.

Freight Payment

Audited freight bills automatically advance for payment or join with other supporting documents for customer invoicing.

Cost Allocation

Integrated transportation and financial data alleviate manual GL Coding and allocation while supporting advanced reporting.

Measure Value of Automated Freight Audit and Payment

Recover costs by eliminating manual processes for freight invoice validation and payment execution.

Automate your review and validation of invoiced freight charges, then execute accurate freight payments seamlessly. Dedicate your resources to errors that need attention – let technology resolve the rest!

Allocate Costs Using a Single Source of Financial Truth

A digital approach to back-office operations improves your overall financial management and offers significant advantages over traditional systems. Freight invoice data from procurement to final mile seamlessly integrated with existing ERP and financial planning solutions creates a single source of truth to support cost allocation decisions. As a result, you gain efficiency in your back-office operations, inter-network collaborations, and third-party partnerships.

How Does Cost Allocation Work?

Auto-Tag & Match Freight Invoice Data to Payment Processes

Automatically track shipment status from foreign port to customer door with the latest invoice tracking and processing software.

Embedded Freight Rate & Service Audit
Manage freight bill audit quickly with onboarding process and software embedded in your current TMS dashboard and apps.
Integration for Easy Customer Collaboration

Keep customers up-to-date on the latest payment and shipment information with real-time shipment and order visibility.

Capture Data Instantly

Monitor shipment data, route disruptions, and claims occurrences in real-time to address problems as they happen – or before.

Cost Accounting for Interdepartmental Billing & Tracking

Organize inventory management processes and track priority financial data within one consolidated platform for cost allocation.

Integrate with Your Preferred ERP and Financial Systems

Use automated systems, API, and EDI connections to seamlessly share data across integrated resources to avoid the hassle of manual GL coding and cost allocation.

Automate & Align Freight Payment to Drive Significant Savings