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Freight Carriers

Maximize Your Earning Potential

Screens are overrated when you could be staring at the open road ahead. Your time is better spent making money on the road than completing manual tasks on a screen. You need digital platforms to automate operations, integrate with systems, and connect you to customers—seamlessly. Because once the driving clock starts, you can’t reset it.

TMS That Works As Hard As You Do

It’s not easy being a profitable and productive carrier. The strain of managing high freight demand is compounded by the shrinking pool of qualified drivers and high turnover. That’s why you need a robust TMS for carriers that keeps up with the changing market and demands. MercuryGate enables users to configure their system to meet business needs, and it automates the full transportation life cycle across all modes.

Optimize Every Mile

If someone asked you to describe an average day, you’d probably reply that there’s no such thing. Each day the fuel costs, mileage, shipment, traffic, and equipment are a little different. Those factors can quickly shrink your margins. In this Final Mile case study, one carrier reduced route planner time by 50%, decreased manual routing by 70%, and achieved a 6% productivity improvement in pickup and deliveries. Each efficiency added up and allowed them to increase driver wages while reducing driver costs by $1 per shipment.

Got your eye on ROI?

Recover Claims Faster

In 2022, 661K claims with a value of $1.6B were filed through MercuryGate. Claims are a dreaded yet unavoidable part of the business. When the time comes, you need a product that has your back and bottom line. Centralize data so you can easily handle and manage any type of claim. MercuryCarrierClaim centralizes data for any type of claim, reduces transaction and administrative costs, and decreases manual data errors. It can also be integrated with your internal business system for full accountability over claim payments to your clients. As an added bonus, you can skip the data entry with claim importing when your claimant files using MercuryMyEZClaim.

MercuryGate Transportation Technology For Freight Carriers

Using disparate systems and spreadsheets to manage transportation strategies is no longer a viable option to compete in an increasingly digitized world. The key to sustainable success is finding the hidden efficiencies in the daily operations, while closely monitoring fleet assets and drivers to mitigate risks.

Maximize the profitability of every truck and mile