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Shipment Visibility That Drives Decision-Making

See Your Whole Transportation Picture with Shipment Visibility

Shipment visibility used to be about answering “Where is my stuff?” And while the location of “stuff” is still important, shipment visibility has evolved into knowing more than just physical location. The modern concept of shipment visibility encompasses sharing status, data and insights to improve at every mile of the shipment journey and every junction of transportation operations. MercuryGate’s shipment visibility solutions are more than location tracking – they enable learning and improvement that help you deliver more efficiently.

See and Share Shipment Visibility Information Across Stakeholders

Better Operations Start With Shipment Visibility

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Shipment visibility has become table stakes in improving operations. Whether it is knowing the location of a single shipment, or providing transparency to data across your network – shipment visibility is the key to continuous improvement.

MercuryGate’s shipment visibility solutions help teams execute:

Automate the booking and tendering processes to enable information sharing and end-to-end shipment visibility across your network.
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Unlock transparency and shipment visibility details for carriers, suppliers and customers by seamlessly communicating and sharing data in web-based collaboration portals.

See every shipment in transit with a single glance using out control tower map-view interface for location-based shipment visibility.

Ease communication barriers with drivers using mobile technology that updates in real time with route changes and added pick-up or drop-off stops.

Keep eyes on your merchandise and materials with tracking at the container-, SKU-, or item-level on ocean, road or rail.

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