Transportation Visibility and Collaboration

Improve transportation performance and reduce risk from procurement through last mile delivery

Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity with Advanced Transportation Visibility

Empower your transportation team with the visibility they need to solve unforeseen problems, such as delays, added costs, and billing issues. Easily gain and control shipping visibility to drive efficiency and make data-driven management decisions. World-class shipping visibility and collaboration capabilities allow users to communicate in a dynamic and effective way for streamlined end-to-end logistics.

The Power Of Visibility

Sharing shipping visibility throughout your supply chain enables continuous improvement and proactive management of freight.

Gain a control tower view of your transportation environment. Users may see current locations on maps, as well as remaining transit information. They can also add new shipments or route existing shipments. Non-TMS (transportation management system) users can also access statuses, as well as any proactive exception processes to avoid disruption.

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Combined with platform functionality, proactive tracking of issues can reduce disruption risk. Since the supply chain continues to change, proactive shipping visibility and management via mobile devices will form a fundamental cornerstone of success.

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Connect to our global platform without needing to resort to application programming interfaces (APIs) or electronic data interchange (EDI). Extended portals provide all the equivalent functions via simple web browser access. This occurs without the need for added costly systems, while also streamlining carrier or courier onboarding and data sharing.

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Access your vendors, manufacturers, and other suppliers from a single resource, centralize communications, and avoid scheduling and ordering conflicts. Better communication and collaboration make it easier to work with courier, carrier and shipper partners and reduce the burden of endless emails and phone communications. Using a portal further improves data quality, controls costs, and increases shipping visibility for effective first step through last mile logistics.

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The customer portal automates customer service inquiries and gives customers a self-service option. Non-TMS users can review shipment status, check carrier location, review remaining transit information, and explore their additional, expected shipments from anywhere without delay, optimizing the whole transportation journey up to and including the final mile stage of delivery.

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Streamlined Communications Optimize Business Growth and Analytics

Part of the experience and value created within the platform comes from its ongoing processes to connect data to create a more strategic approach within shipping visibility, including:
Digital Booking & Tendering

Enhanced capabilities within the system all add up to promote strategies in booking and tendering under the digital platform, reducing rework, and helping TMS users manage by exception and achieve efficiency, whether long-haul LTL (Less Than Truckload) or final mile logistics needs.

Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic workflows within the transportation management platform continuously adapt based on the user and shipment status, keeping everyone informed and flexible, a core component that powers dynamic rerouting. Since that level of rerouting means keeping everyone on the same page, it plays naturally into the ability to increase shipping visibility, a critical component in the complex world of courier management as well.

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Electronic Integrations

Creating new value in shipping visibility depends on the ability to connect to more systems to aggregate data. But why stop there? The TMS empowers users with integrations that can collect, analyze, and apply data all from within the connected systems and leaves nothing to chance by capturing data across all modes for optimized end-to-end logistics.


Plan routes and location with real-time data that accounts for differences, adapts based on dynamic rerouting and can consider future potential disruptions. This added level of simulation provides the most shipping visibility into what might happen by allowing users to continuously adjust “what if” scenarios based on changing circumstances, while advanced reruns and reporting functions in transportation simulation help your team plan for a better future.

Improve Your Transportation Performance with Shipping Visibility

Visibility promotes proactive freight management by giving users the opportunity to intervene. Our TMS enables both broad and granular visibility. Combined with other platform functionality this enables a superior standard of control and responsiveness. More shipping visibility helps users clearly see events that are trending toward trouble before they become problematic. Proactive intervention reduces risk of disruption and promotes optimal freight management through final mile logistics.

Animated Delivery Points

Enhance Your Transportation Network’s Visibility Across All Modes