Mojo is an affordable, easy to use, and powerful transportation optimization solution that analyzes shipments, rates, and constraints to produce realistic load plans that reduce overall freight spend. Learn how companies of all sizes and industries leverage Mojo to realize cost savings and gain efficiencies in their transportation networks.

“By using Mojo as both a modeling tool and for execution, you can ensure that the savings you expected come true and you are using the same optimization parameters in both scenarios. This makes the implementation a lot easier and drives the expected results,”  – Sr. Vice President. Transportation Management, OHL.

The magic of Mojo starts with the data you use every day to move freight. Actual rates, approved carriers, specified capacities, transit times, and other available data are entered into Mojo to produce realistic and executable load plans. Orders from anywhere in the world, from multiple customers, locations or vendors can be combined into multi-pick/drop movements, continuous move shipments, backhauls, and pooling scenarios.

 Real Data – Real Savings


Mojo Powers a Wide Range of Business Processes



Import Current Shipments and Rates into Mojo

You can easily import your current shipments to Mojo from your TMS, ERP, WMS or from a spreadsheet. Mojo automatically determines the most cost effective route and load to consolidation.

We’ve done a number of different modeling scenarios in Mojo to figure out what the best way was to set up that freight network. It’s a fantastic product – I still haven’t used every possible variable that it provides – but certainly it has very extensive cost optimization capabilities – Logistics Director, Celestica

Configure Optimization Parameters

Establish Mojo parameters that are optimized according to your business practices – across all modes, including parcel, LTL, TL, rail, intermodal, air freight, ocean and multimodal. For example, you can consider pooling points and backhaul opportunities. Mojo will even optimize across multiple modes and international shipments, and identify shipments that should be a parcel shipment or consolidated with others onto a multi-stop truckload. The application will also determine the optimal ship dates and delivery appointments based on carrier resources, available docks, and delivery windows.

Get Rapid Results

Mojo analyzes every possible load optimization scenario while you wait. It then provides you with a thorough explanation of how Mojo organized your shipments in the most optimal way, given the provided parameters. Mojo will show the cost, mileage and CO2 emissions reduction for the planned shipments compared to point-to-point loads. Each load itinerary will be described in detail and you’ll have the opportunity to make detailed adjustments if necessary.

To perform some ‘what-if’ analysis on your plan, simply adjust an optimization parameter and re-run the optimizer to see the difference. Mojo will save your initial run and show you the effect of your change(s).


Mojo Screen Shot2

Upload Optimized Results to the TMS

When the loads are optimized to your satisfaction, one click sends them to the TMS to be distributed to network-wide operational personnel. Integrated with MercuryGate TMS, Mojo but is also available as a standalone application that is easily configured to share information with any TMS.

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