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Avoid Disruption with Network Modeling

See Into Your Supply Chain’s Future with Network Modeling

There are plenty of “ifs” in freight transportation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the results of those unknowns before you make a decision? Advanced network modeling uses all relevant internal and external data to identify the best-performing routes under specific circumstances – OR reveal ones that may be problematic. With a glimpse of what lies ahead you are empowered to make better decisions. The result is optimized networks that maximize drivers’ hours of services, mileage and fuel economy on all modes.

Use Network Modeling to Consider the Risks and Plan Ahead

Network modeling delivers insight that lets you intervene before a delay or disruption impacts a shipment. Transportation network modeling looks at every aspect of an order, considers all possible risks and finds alternate solutions when needed. Watch our MercuryGate Minute for tips on how shippers and logistics professionals can use transportation network modeling to reduce disruption.

Analyze Past Performance with Network Modeling

Sometimes it helps to take a look in the rearview mirror. For example, using network modeling to rerun a day’s work to see how the actual costs and plans stood up over time and under different conditions. This is an invaluable way of generating analyses to improve future operations. You’ll also get visibility into potential cost savings or budget overages before they happen to plan accordingly with finance.

What Transportation Network Modeling Can Uncover

The Right Provider for Each Shipment
The lowest-cost option may not always be the best buy. Network modeling within the TMS reveals which carriers can meet both service levels and price points.
Continuous, Rule-based Efficiency
Add dynamic rule sets to your network modeling to continuously improve performance based on multiple scenarios and circumstances.
Up-to-the moment Optimization
Yesterday’s model may not account for today’s conditions. Rerun or automate models often to ensure the latest information on volume, traffic, weather is considered.
The Most Cost-Effective Shipping Option
Network modeling your historic transportation moves can generate recommendations for new lanes, modes and carriers that can save you money.
Full Lifecycle Improvement
Make sure network modeling accounts for every mile – from first to final – to ensure you don’t miss any chance for efficiency gains.
Replicated Saving and Streamlined Operations
Save the best and most accurate network models as templates to improve future shipment plans that align with customer needs.

Take Guesswork Out of the Picture with Network Modeling