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Empower the Road Ahead Through Metrics and Reporting

Advanced Reporting For
Every Scenario

Gain the metrics you need to recognize exceptions, intervene when necessary, and keep customers informed. Use external and historical data to consider factors that affect timely delivery — such as carrier performance, weather patterns, traffic, and more. Whether you are analyzing current performance or rapidly running “what if” scenarios, our data structure, integrations, and reports are uniquely designed for ease and relevance and backed by our decades of operational knowledge.

Drive Value With Planning Metrics

Access Insight At The Moment Of Scheduling
Real-time data shows shipment ETA based on the full view of shipping through the last mile.
Leverage Historical And External Data

Explore what may affect a shipment’s transit and delivery through the first, middle, and final mile phases.

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Shareability Of Data Throughout The Network
Intuitive systems and real-time data sharing keep everyone informed.
Improve Asset Management

Increased shipment planning leads to better asset management for LSPs, complex network couriers, and shippers that operate in-house fleets.

Real-time Reporting From Planning to Delivery

Industry-leading reporting capabilities deliver actionable information to manage for efficiency and value. The built-in report writer permits real-time reporting against all major TMS objects. Easily generate and share reports in a variety of formats throughout your organization and supply chain network to boost collaboration and communication. Create reports on-demand or schedule for distribution later.

Popular Shipping Report Views

Volume Analysis
Filter by mode, carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer.
Performance Analysis
View metrics by carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer. 
Improvement Analysis
Trend analysis for service and costs, including anomalies and failures.
Reports by Orders and Stops
Increased visibility into the per shipment view, including cost, miles, minutes, minutes travel, delivery time, and pickup time shows where to focus.
Total and Average Metric Reports
Better access to route mileage, route time, delivery shift time, orders for next day delivery, undeliverable, and cancelled shipments help shippers understand shipping report value and insight.
Final Mile Shipping Report Integration
Leveraging the power of APIs and connected systems, TMS users derive insight into all modes from origin through destination, including the final mile.
Financial Analysis

Break down freight costs by customer, lane, mode, and carrier, as well as operational costs and savings for a particular period.

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