Cold Chain Transportation: How a TMS Aids in Finding Capacity

Cold Chain Transportation In the Time of COVID-19 Vaccine

Current challenges in cold chain transportation tie back to limited visibility and limited access to resources. 

A traditional set up for cold chain transportation only works for short-distance shipments. 

Without improvements, cold chain transportation networks cannot handle this level of demand or stay within freight costs that shippers want to pay. 

And even for those with the capacity, the prioritized shipments inevitably lead to delays in other lower-priority items, particularly in the food supply chain.

A TMS Connects a Shipper’s Network to More Carriers and Increased Opportunities for Load Acceptance

One way to improve cold chain transportation options is by shifting the overall focus.

Working with an established expert vendor like MercuryGate and a world-class, enterprise-level transportation management system (TMS) and forming a close-knit network with carriers and distributors is a significant first step. 

Being able to work with carriers of choice allows for more flexibility. Tapping into additional shipping modes opens a broader capacity potential. Accessing more transport lanes will also make cold chain transportation safer, faster, and more manageable. 

Other Benefits of a TMS in Cold Chain Transport

Updated, automated, and redesigned systems with RPA options remain critical to successful cold chain transport. Embracing TMS methods can bring many benefits, including:

  • Increased transparency between supply chain members and third parties.
  • Ability to easily redirect or reallocate assets in response to shipping changes.
  • Prioritization of loads and carrier modalities to improve shipment times.
  • Maximize the use of backhauls to ensure maximum load capacity is maintained.
  • Increased invoice accuracy for faster recovery of funds between shipments.
  • More accountability throughout the cold chain transportation systems.
  • Stringent security and chain of custody protocols to ensure viable delivery.
  • Improving cold chain shipping processes to ensure safe and timely distribution.

Bolster Cold Chain Transportation With the Right TMS Partner

Cold chain transportation has been in place to handle needs for many years. However, a traditional set-up for cold chain shipments cannot work for high-risk cargo or when capacity constraints exist. 

Therefore traditional shipment strategies end up at a distinct disadvantage. A partnership with a TMS expert can help improve shipment options and services throughout the supply chain.

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