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TMS Mobile App Connects You with Drivers and Customers

Prioritize Experience with Instant Communications

Your customers expect to know their shipment’s location and ETA. Your team needs to quickly communicate about changes that disrupt the delivery journey. MercuryGate’s TMS Mobile App fulfills both so you can make communications a customer experience priority.

Available for iOS and Android, our TMS Mobile App eliminates the need for your customers and your team to exchange emails, phone calls, and texts about every delivery. Instead, each order is automatically updated with the latest information that impacts shipment status. And your customers stay fully informed with the convenience of a mobile app.

Consolidate Manual Functions in an Efficient Mobile App

Even the best route plans require an update at a moment’s notice. New orders arrive, delivery appointments change, and unforeseeable weather and traffic events cause delays. Easy-to-use mobile app technology pushes notifications to drivers, instantly alerting them to changes in the daily route plan. Electronic document exchange and mobile signature capture further elevate service and efficiency.

Communicate Changes

Drivers receive routing updates in the mobile app for new orders and return pick-ups. Customers get instant notifications for delivery ETA changes.

Deliver Safely
Complete touchless deliveries with electronic document exchange and signature capture. Avoid heavy traffic and the potential for accidents with turn-by-turn driver directions.
Improve Efficiency

Dynamic rerouting eliminates unnecessary miles from delivery routes and configures directions to shrink delivery windows and fuel consumption.

Configure TMS App to Meet Specific Needs

MercuryGate’s proprietary mobile app is designed to accommodate custom configurations that meet the unique needs of your business. These capabilities make our mobile app a delivery service differentiator.

Get Mobile App technology that delivers driver efficiency and customer peace of mind