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Freight Rate Indexing with Unrivalled Data Foundation

Compare Your Costs to the Freight Rate Market

MercuryGate freight rate indexing gives you a clear and accurate picture of market rates across all transportation modes. Whether you are buying or selling transportation capacity, rate indexing provides data-driven awareness that ensures a competitive cost on every shipment. Integrated within the MercuryGate TMS, freight rate indexing gives you direct access to the information you need in a single seamless platform so you can:

Find out how freight rate indexing keeps your finger on the true pulse of the market.

Increase Freight Rate Negotiation Strength with Market Insight

MercuryGate freight rate indexing uses data from customer networks and 62+ million annual shipments to calculate benchmarks by lane, with data updated nightly and scrubbed to preserve anonymity.

Freight Rate Index Capabilities

Whether working with spot, contract, or buy/sell rates, the market rate index displays all freight modes and includes carrier rates, 3PL rates, and broker rates.

Adjust Rate Indexing as Business Evolves

Deploy the freight rate index in the ways that best support your business priorities – and adjust your needs change.

Customize Storage & Retrieval of Freight Indexing Values
Store freight rate indexes on a load as a benchmark in support of future analysis to understand how your freight spend is invested by mode and service.
Apply Clean, Updated Freight Rate Data
Updated nightly, freight rate sources are anonymous with user rates maintained separately from carrier rates. Contract and spot rates are categorized separately by mode and type of service.
Increase Transportation Spend Visibility

Capture freight data in granular detail to understand performance across your transportation network – including Final Mile – and adjust spend accordingly.

Understand Volatile Freight Cost Trends
Drill down into cost specifics on a lane, such as typical driver wages and fleet charges versus broker fees. Store benchmarks for later analysis and compare data with other freight indexes to create a clearer picture of the shipment lifecycle and associated costs or influences.


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Learn How the Freight Rate Index Can Enhance Your Transportation Strategies