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It’s not just about going live in a timely manner, it’s about staying live and getting your questions answered as needed. MercuryGate prioritizes clear, quick customer support. Need to get in touch with us? Simply contact us by phone, or through our support portal to get the assistance you require.

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At Your Service with Product Support and Expertise

Support queries are assigned by area of expertise. That means you are connected to a team member with direct relevant experience for the challenge you’re facing. In this way, you can access the know-how you need to resolve your issue in the fastest manner possible. If a problem arises that the resident team member cannot resolve, we turn to our most tenured employees to resolve your problems.

Accountability for Product
Support and Service

Each MercuryGate client designates selected Support Users to access to the Support Portal system within MercuryCommunity, allowing them to easily submit a support query, correspond, and track response and progress on your cases. Client support performance is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure performance aligns with our commitment to keep you running strong.

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