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Global Sourcing

Streamline Global Sourcing to Improve Collaboration & Efficiency

Reduce Global Sourcing Cost and Risk

Corporate, social, and regulatory pressures increasingly complicate your product sourcing. MercuryGate’s easy-to-use Global Sourcing solution ensures that every product meets your organization’s requirements before it ships. At the same time, with this centralized online resource, you can reconcile and analyze information across your partner network to improve the flow of goods, drive process efficiencies, and refine your product sourcing performance.

Centralize Product Sourcing in One Platform

MercuryGate Global Sourcing automates trade and compliance activities to streamline product management communications between the enterprise, suppliers, and service providers. Alongside Global Trade technology for Customs and Trade Compliance, Import/Export Logistics, and Product Integrity, this hosted software improves collaboration and supports key objectives for your enterprise.

Discover how MercuryGate Global Sourcing standardizes and digitizes your processes to make product sourcing more predictable and profitable.

Benefit from Global Sourcing Capabilities

Eliminate manual processes and the disarray of spreadsheets and emails to improve supplier relationship management and control costs with visible and traceable data.

Monitor and improve control of the flow of goods
Dashboards and enterprise reporting tools provide visualization, key metrics, and insights that improve efficiency, lower product sourcing program costs, and improve predictable flows of validated goods from source to shelf.
Create an accessible global information source
Centralized online repository supports on-demand access to supplier master information, product details, order quantities, cost breakdowns, shipping charges, and historical communications for your organization’s trade and service communities.
Manage supply chain risk proactively
Automated monitoring, measurement, and validation for each order, item, and trading partner allows you to improve the management of your organization’s risk profile.
Scale business processes efficiently
Workflows streamlined with automation and best practices drive process efficiencies, lowering trade and global sourcing program costs.
Empower modern tools at the right time
Innovative global sourcing software and collaboration tools keep pace with your organization’s resource needs, goals, and objectives.
Distribute, compare, and analyze quote sheets
Intuitive tools build requests for information (RFIs) and quotes (RFQs) configured to your sourcing requirements and distributed to selected suppliers across your private product sourcing network.

See the Value of Global
Sourcing & Product Compliance

Discover how MercuryGate customers apply the Global Sourcing solution to navigate an ever-changing regulatory environment. Watch our webinar and you’ll learn how to confirm that your international imports comply with all safety, inspection, and audit requirements. It will help you make sure your product sourcing processes protect the integrity of your products, brand, and reputation.

Global Sourcing Solutions to Reduce Cost & Risk