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Revolutionize Your Over-the-Road Freight with MercuryGate

Increased Visibility Means
Greater Efficiency

Over-the-road freight has many moving pieces to manage, whether for full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL). It also means navigating decisions to ensure all shipments are handled efficiently and deliveries are made on time and in full.
MercuryGate TMS offers this efficiency in a user-friendly platform for effortlessly managing diverse over-the-road shipments. It enables companies to enhance operations, optimize resources, and maximize their valuable time.

The Power to Get Shipments on the Road with Speed and Efficiency

Market-Based Shipment Pricing
Compare rates, secure reliable capacity, and ensure coverage with transparency for better decision-making.
Visibility From Origin To Destination
Know where your freight is at all times. See updates for every over-the-road shipment in real-time, 24/7.
Fast And Easy Integration

Get fast and seamless integrations between a range of existing platforms and setups and your MercuryGate solutions.

Seamless Claims Management
Simplify the claims process with centralized data, automated processes, and efficient administrative controls.
Predictive Power To Optimize OTR Shipping Networks

Transform raw data into robust insights. Get data-driven accuracy to make decisions from advanced predictive analytics.

Discover Greater Potential for Your Over-the-Road Freight Operations

Manage Full Truckload in Any Freight Market
Capacity Planning
Get greater control over your operations with the tools to see available capacity and ensure your freight needs are met even in fluctuating market conditions.
Optimized Carrier Selection
Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness with data-driven insights to select the best carriers for your shipments, reducing costs without sacrificing service quality.
Contract Rate Management
Streamline and simplify contract rate management by ensuring accurate pricing, minimizing billing discrepancies, and allowing predictive planning to increase cost savings.
Digital Freight Marketplace
Access a network of carriers to find the best available capacity at competitive rates while unlocking increased efficiency for your freight procurement processes.

Smart Planning and Scheduling for OTR Equipment

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Management

Shop For Rates Automatically
Pull and compare LTL rates from different carriers to ensure the best rate. Manage complex LTL pricing models like FAK (Freight All Kinds), tariff rates, and discount structures.
Optimize Your Carrier Selection
Easily manage numerous carrier options for your LTL freight and uncover the most cost-effective and reliable carriers based on pricing, transit times, and performance metrics.
Consolidate And Pool Shipments
Consolidate multiple LTL shipments into full truckloads or leverage pool distribution, taking advantage of opportunities to save on transportation costs and improve transit times.
Automate Audit And Payment
Generate documents and match invoices to loads with MercuryGate’s settlement robotic process automation (RPA), to spend less time on payment processes and reduce the risk of loss.
Get The Details Right
LTL shipping requires extra attention to detail when handling various documents, freight classes, and more. With the assistance of automation, MercuryGate makes it simple to manage it all.

Unlock More Opportunities For Increased Efficiency And Reduced Costs