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Quoting And Tracking For Freight Brokers

Solutions As Diverse
As Your Customers

Freight brokers host a variety of customers and offer a broad range of logistics services. The pressure is high to adapt to constant change within the industry while cutting costs, innovating your business, supporting current customers, and prospecting for new clients. Upgrade your freight tech stack to include platforms that support all modes of transportation from planning to reporting.

Predict Capacity And Respond With Quality

With the right digital tools, freight brokers can anticipate the road ahead. Accurately predict demand, quote the best rate on lanes, identify right carriers, achieve multimodal optimization, manage carrier scorecards, and automate compliance by using MercuryGate TMS for Freight Brokers. The automated power allows your team to focus on acquiring new customers and supporting existing customers instead of manual transportation management. Implement MercuryGate TMS software to consistently find the best solution for every customer and every shipment.

Know The ETA To ROI

Increase Loads Without Claims

The best carrier is the one that doesn’t cause your phone to ring by racking up freight claims. MercuryMyEZClaim centralizes data to uncover inefficiencies and trends, such as identifying when one carrier is producing for damage claims than others. Transform your claims management on all modes by tracking all claims in a single, digital platform and customizing reports with 600+ different variables.

Broker Power and Efficiency