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Driving Cost Savings And Efficiency for 3PLs

Tendering Productivity and Profits for 3PLs

Operating a profitable truck or running a logistics service provider (LSP) business, is no easy task. First, market rates are high and new customers are coming to you. Manual tasks and inefficient routes aren’t a top priority. But the higher rates climb, the harder rates bottom out. Then, those manual tasks and inefficient routes are eating away at profits with every tender. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers need the right freight technology to thrive in changing freight markets.

TMS Built By Logistics Experts
For Logistics Experts

No two LSPs are the same. But you can share the same Transportation Management Solution (TMS) when it’s configurable to your operations and supporting your business from origin to destination or planning to reporting. The MercuryGate TMS for 3PLs is a single-platform, multimodal solution that helps you grow your business, easily onboard new clients, and expand the scope of services offered.

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More ROI Than Meets The Eye

When most people think ROI, they only think of money returned on investment. While that’s an important factor to measure, it’s not the only factor. The best freight tech reduces time spent completing manual tasks as well as maximizing profits and reducing operational expenses. Download Business Case for 3PLs for a preview or calculate your ROI that can be paired with the benefits of automation.


Less Load Tendering


Less Tracking Inquiries


Less Carrier Management


More Annual Freight Moves


Less Time Auditing Freight


Lower Cost To Onboard New Clients

Proof In The Testimonials

InTek Case Study

“I don’t know of another TMS that has the comprehensive intermodal capabilities and the connections with many door-to-door rail providers.” — Shelli Austin, President of InTek Freight & Logistics
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Hobson 3PL ROI Study

“More than 20% savings in freight costs, just by being able to route loads completely differently.” — Logistics Director of 3PL
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Redwood Case Study

“Having the technology base and platform of MercuryGate has enabled us to really grow and expand services beyond just the traditional transportation management.” — Brad Stewart, Chief Logistics Officer, Redwood Logistics
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Recalculating Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

It’s one thing to optimize a single route. It’s another thing to profitably optimize turn-by-turn or add stops on the fly. MercuryGate’s Final Mile technology provides multimodal visibility, centralizes vehicle dispatch, and reroutes dynamically when delays occur. Even when those shipments cross the threshold, our solution supports appointment scheduling, real-time ETAs, and a closed-loop feedback process. In return, 3PLs complete the most deliveries with the fewest vehicles, miles, and drivers.

Spot Claims Trends To Ship Smarter

If your claims management system lacks visibility into trends, then you can’t fix what’s broken. MercuryMyEZClaim provides visibility into claims submitted at the shipper, carrier, location, customer, or product level. Progeny Logistics works with clients to reduce their exposure to freight claims and identifies specific claim-causing problems. Progeny used MercuryMyEZClaim to reduce one client’s claim losses by 50–75% with product features that can determine root issues.

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