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Track Carrier And Shipper Performance With Scorecards

Utilize Scorecards To Improve Customer Satisfaction and Delivery KPIs

All carriers and shippers aren’t created equal. Without performance scorecards, it’s hard to know which companies are the preferred choice or which ones should be avoided. The MercuryGate TMS makes it easy to measure performance metrics, such as on-time deliveries, damage rates, billing and payment accuracy, compliance requirements, and more.

Assess Carrier Performance

On-Time Performance
Monitor the delivery performance, number of exceptions, and visualize trends. 
Billing Accuracy

Reduce billing and invoicing errors that cost time and money, especially in the last mile.

Driver Compliance
Ensure drivers are compliant with OSHA requirements and don’t get detained.
Shipment Damage
Avoid future freight damage by helping the carrier identify undue risk.
Carrier Responsiveness
Track the carrier response time and speed of execution.
Courier Performance

Monitor if couriers pick up all packages submitted for pickup, number of missed pickups are missed, and how many deliveries are made on-time and in full (OTIF).

Claims Damage

Recognize and match service failures to the damage claims and calculate value of outstanding damage or late claims.

Equipment Reliability

Assess the reliability of the carrier’s fleet based on its age, breakdowns experienced, and other criteria, including special needs for last mile delivery and white glove service.

Establish Shipper of Choice

The customer scorecard provides a snapshot of shipper performance metrics for logistics service providers to identify which shippers are worthy of shipper-of-choice status. These reports are a coveted status for shippers that want to attract top-performing carriers and drivers. In return, carriers gain confidence knowing that the shipper is responsive and dependable.
Digital freight benefits include instant connection to digital freight capacity.

Evaluate Shipper Performance

Shipper Accountability
Track where issues arise, why service failures occur, and where the responsibility lies.
Inquiry Responsiveness
Know if common questions are addressed, issues are resolved, or if shippers are frequently prepared prior to a driver’s arrival.
Pay Performance
Identify which shipper pays on time or which one requires collection efforts to get paid on time.
Trend Rates
Monitor performance rates to determine if shippers are improving or falling behind for service metrics.

Automate Performance Management