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Transportation Management Technology for Manufacturing

Maximize Profits and Elevate Service

Manufacturing industry leaders require unique transportation management capabilities to move raw materials and finished goods across their global supply chain. End-to-end supply chain visibility, logistics process automation, exception management, and freight claims administration enable manufacturers to control transportation costs and improve service to end customers.

Transportation Technology Testimonials


“MercuryGate is the backbone of our best-in-class process due to the visibility, flexibility, and automation the software provides.” - Ryan Bloor, Celestica Supply Chain Services Director
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“One of the biggest benefits we get from MercuryGate is that it’s a very stable system … We just really felt more comfortable with the MercuryGate software than we did with everything else.” - Michael Daily, Verso Corp. Corporate Logistics Manager
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“The MercuryGate team worked with us every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation that will continue to benefit the company and the healthcare providers.” - Daniel Ekvall, Mölnlycke Global TMS Development Manager
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Improve Visibility from Foreign Port to Factory Floor

Managing and tracking freight across the global supply chain requires end-to-end visibility across all modes. Anything less can disrupt freight movements, drive up supply chain costs, and interrupt production.

From validating compliance at foreign ports and monitoring international freight movements to managing inbound shipments of materials and outbound moves to distributors and end customers, MercuryGate’s transportation management technology provides a holistic view across providers, partners, and manufacturing facilities.

Integrate ERP with Transportation Management Technology

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are great at managing core business functions, but they often fall short when supporting complex transportation needs. Manufacturing companies that integrate a stand-alone TMS with their ERP improve management across all operations. Watch the video and learn four reasons to integrate ERP with a TMS.

Streamline Claims Management and Reduce Costs

Integrated claims management technology allows manufacturing companies to deploy automation that limits manual processes and centralizes data. The benefits are significant:

That is why web-native claims software is replacing legacy processes in freight claims management.

Learn how MercuryGate's TMS technology supports manufacturing with supply chain visibility, process automation & claims management