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Automate the Everyday & Prioritize the Today with Dynamic Workflows

Define It and Forget It

MercuryGate TMS dynamic rulesets (DRS) allow users to apply business rules and automation workflows. If you define the rules and logic associated with a manual task from the beginning, you can forget about manually completing that task in the future. Automated workflows make it easier to complete the day-to-day tasks as well as train and onboard new employees. If you haven’t defined what your ideal workflows look like, then you are missing out on one of the system’s superpowers.

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How to Use Workflow Management

Manage by Exception Only

Ever wish you could hire a personal assistant to do the tedious work so you could focus on the important work? We’ve all been there but exception management can get you there. Exception management assigns priority when something deviates from a workflow. Green, yellow, and red highlighted information shows you where and when to focus your time based on your role and pre-defined organizational criteria. MercuryGate’s exception management capabilities empower people and teams to prioritize focus, take action expediently, keep freight moving, and ultimately create happy customers.

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